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JC winery to sell country's only hemp-infused wine

Binghamton University student Kaelan Castetter and his father are teaming up to make hemp-infused wine. Together, they operate Innovative Bottling Inc., a winery at 116 Brown St., Johnson City that produces their wine: Sovereign Vines.

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Hemp Industries Association Files Petition Against DEA

Hemp Industries Association Files Petition Against DEA to Defend Lawful Hemp-Derived Products from Agency Overreach.
Suit Seeks to Defend Hemp Farmers, U.S. Businesses and Consumers from Illegal Attempt to Schedule Non-Psychoactive Hemp Derivatives as 'Marihuana Extract'.

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Hemp's home: NY says it's the Southern Tier

To hear Gov. Andrew Cuomo talk, New York State expects big things from industrial hemp in the Southern Tier.
The region's only mention in Cuomo's traveling state of the state addresses was in the context of the crop, which was grown in New York last year for the first time since the early 20th century.

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Video: Cuomo wants to expand hemp farming

Hemp is a plant similar to marijuana but only contains small amounts of THC. Its stalk and seed can be used to manufacture clothing, building materials, fuel, paper and other consumer products.

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to provide a boost to the state's nascent hemp industry,

Governor proposes relaxing rules on the state's industrial hemp research program.
“New York is a beacon for innovation, smart growth and emerging industries — and with this proposal, we will continue to diversify and grow our agriculture industry, while supporting research and development and creating jobs throughout the state,” Cuomo said in a statement.

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Lupardo Thrilled With New Industrial Hemp Initiative

“This is exactly what we’ve been working toward," said Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo. “When the Federal Government gave the green light in 2014, I knew the Southern Tier was an ideal spot given our rich farming history and the amount of available land. New York is poised to be a leader in this expanding industry and I thank the Governor for recognizing its value to our region and state.”

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Hemp farms take root under state pilot programs

Hemp has been used for millennia as a source of oil, protein and fiber used in clothing, rope and paper. Modern uses include cosmetics, nutritional supplements, biofuels, building materials and pharmaceuticals.
“Hemp is a triple-value crop, with a multitude of products made from the seeds, stalks and fiber,” Dolgin said. “We hope the results of what we’re doing here will convince other farmers that this is a great opportunity.”

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You Need an Armed Guard to Plant These Seeds

For the first time in 80 years, a farm in New York State is legally growing cannabis. But no one could get high from these plants.
The farm, JD Farms, roughly 230 miles north of New York City, is actually growing industrial hemp, which can be used to make everything from flour to building materials to clothes to plastic.

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Industrial Hemp Now Growing in New York

The governor of New York just signed a bill that allows industrial hemp to be not just cultivated, but also transported and sold, which provides a new economic opportunity for state farmers.
The industrial hemp market in New York is expanding, thanks to Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently signing a bill that allows the crop to be legally sold and transported.
Hemp farming is federally illegal, but President Obama signed the 2014 Farm Bill to allow universities and state departments of agriculture to cultivate industrial hemp for agricultural or academic research, provided grow sites are registered with their state.

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